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Ilkeston has been without a station for decades and has been known as the largest town in England without its own rail link. In 2015, we're looking forward to the new development at the former station site intersecting with Millership Way near Station Road and Coronation Road.

Despite various setbacks including development site flooding issues and the disturbance of a protected species of newts, residents hope to see the rail link completed in 2015.

Erewash acts as a residential area to Derby and Nottingham where most of the jobs are. A 2007 study revealed there were over 60,000 residents working but only about 38,000 jobs in the area.

The feeling is that Long Eaton is given precedence over Ilkeston. Even the Erewash Partnership moved its headquarters to Long Eaton. Businesses are closing in Ilkeston. Unemployment is high. Will a train station make all this go away? No, but it will at least make it easier to travel to work in Derby and Nottingham where information and computing employers offer opportunities.

Ilkeston railway site

Because of the delays, the Ilkeston timetable is incomplete. It appears Northern Rail might be operating a route through Ilkeston because they already run a service from Sheffield to Nottingham

east midlands timetable

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